Saturday, March 21, 2009

Meet the Cast of "Photo Field Trips"

With spring coming, there will be many posts of photographs you probably don't care much about. Missouri isn't exactly what one would call the photography dreamers landscape, but I am LOVING it here in the Show Me State.

Me and some "besties" (the new term for best friends) have been taking what we call photo field trips. It is where we pick a day that works for most of us, and we go out to different venues around the city. Junk yards, parks, cemetaries, city... Everyone has their own camera and we just wander around taking shots of things that interest us, individually. It is amazing how many of the shots are similiar or exactly the same, while most others are very very different. Most times we do the shots, get some food, and send each other (and others--aren't you lucky?!)
some our favorites.

None of us are professionals, or have any formal training--unless you count the free library classes some of us have been taking Monday nights 40 minutes away. Well, I guess that isn't true completely because I took 10th grade high school black and white photography classes from non other but the famous (in our hometown anyway) Mr. John Jonas.

I will be posting some of our stuff (and have been already) as we go along so I figure you should meet the main cast members:

Jennifer...age 10. The child is truly gifted.
She is quite shy, and it is neat to see what she
sees without her saying a word.

Cheryl. She is older than 10....

she too is extremely artistically gifted. So much
so that it could make someone sick with jealousy.

A someone like me, for example. :)

Meet Dave rod car building rock star
North of the Missouri River. It is true. His hearing is shot.
Which isn't such a bad thing since he is building
a car with a 800 horsepower engine.
He, however, is also a talented artist...
no pun intended
(actually that is lie...I did intend it)
check out his web site:

Carol Tallant....the person that keeps

Dave's head on straight (that in itself seems

to be a full time job). Carol just scored herself

a new camera and is off and running. She

grows the most wonderful gardens and

those themselves are their own works of art.

You have already met the Girl (who found out today that

her photography won a honorable mention at the state PTA

finals in Reflections). And there is Tom, who woke

up alive today. "And there was much rejoicing. Yeahhhhhh."