Sunday, March 29, 2009

"Snack Snack Eat a Snack"

Word is out that the Anderson
Snack Bar is now open for business. We usually take a break over the winter months, but with global warming effecting migration patterns, the birds are returning earlier each season.

I felt bad for this little friend considering she was facing the sun for a quick few minutes of tanning time, but her feet almost froze to the limb. If you look close, you can see the limbs are sheathed in storm yesterday.

Breaking my own "no editing" picture rule, it was necessary so you could our little wildlife friends more clearly.

That is one reason I don't like to photograph the living...meaning the animals and the people. They move around and get too touchy about how close you get to them.

You never see a bush run away when you stick a camera in it's bushy face.

Speaking of touchy, this bird looked ticked off the whole time he was by the table trying to mooch some snacks. He actually looks like someone I grew up with, but to protect the innocent, they shall remain nameless....

Maybe he cranky because it was about 30 mile a hour winds AND he missed the Happy Hour Pizza rolls. So the late bird misses the worms and the italian.

This friend, however, made it on time
for Stale Bread Saturday.
This is how I look when I eat chinese. :)