Friday, March 13, 2009

Things you won't see Valsy doing/wearing/being

Since not everyone who reads this blog knows me, I figure I
would share with you what I am not, don't wear
and don't look like.
These are all images I have seen in the last two weeks,
especially at the "Man Prom" (Car Show) :)
Some shot by me, some by others.

For starters, I don't' look like a "motorcycle momma."
I don't have a belly button ring
(naturally that is the only noticable difference)

Just for clarification, I am LDS--a Mormon.
I am NOT Amish. They are different.
This is an Amish lady.
I found the use of the motorized cart and
her lifestyle an ironic interaction.

I don't have a best friend who holds my
hair back while I am puking
from binge drinking because:

1) I don't drink
2) If I did, I don't have the hair to be held back.

Side note: That is a nice best friend.

I don't model bikinis in public (and not to be confused--
private either--sorry Mr. Fun). What KILLS me about
this shot is that the six year old couldn't see WELL enough
so his loving parents hoisted him up for a better view. ?
While we do live by cows, it doesn't mean
I have a cowboy suit. I got no boots and no hat.
This was an unexpected site at the car show.

This was the "girl next door" to our booth.
It is true, I do have "church net" fish net stockings
according to the church ladies. However I do not
have the skirt or stomach to go with them.

No doubt I looked hammered during my difficult

pregnancies, but I don't think even
I looked this out of sorts.

While I do have a goal to work on wearing clothing that

fits me better, I don't think I will end up with

clothes that fit me THAT well.

Last, but not least, you will never see this
length of hair on me. :) Have a great Saturday!