Sunday, March 29, 2009

Bob the Builder Award: Operation School Bell

We used to order our clothes from the catalog every June for the following school year because there were no clothing stores in town. I would sit quietly and imagine myself in the shirt on page 253. If I wanted it, I would circle my choice and dog ear the page.

We were weren't fancy enough to make the coveted trip to Anchorage to shop for those real clothes some kids (ie Mr. Fun) could afford.

When the clothes arrived, often times they didnt' fit right. But it had taken sooooo long to get them, it would seem the school year would be over by the time you sent them back and get the right ones. I was never one to worry about fashion, and I guess it comes from that. When you don't have a lot of choices, you take what you get.

Now you know the real story of why I am such a bad dresser. It is JC Penny's fault.

The Assistance League of Kansas City must understand kids who want clothes that are fashionable and fit.

This year alone, the organization has provided 1,548 children with brand new outfits, including shoes. The kids are selected by their local school counselor (privately of course). They get to come the "store" which the clothes are house and pick out what they want. They also get a health kit and a book with their outfit, plus a $5 coupon for a local thrift store.

Over 300 volunteers serve and the "store" is funded by the local community donations and funds raised from the thrift store: ReSale Shop....located at 6289 N. Oak Trafficway.