Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Guest Blogger: Tom "why do I like star wars so much"

the movies themselves were not particularly that great it is the story that gets me,its what it represents. its really about a boy and his journey, his destiny was for good but along the way he was tempted very slowly with tiny lies and distractions until small thing became big things,( I think we can all relate to that) as the story of life continues he was eventually consumed and overcome with pain and sorrow taking him to an altered state of the evil darth Vader that he became. his path continued until the love of a son believed and had faith that his father was a good man and could overcome the grips of evil.( sound familiar ) with help from his son he was able to reclaim the man he was destined to be. I was a young influential teenager that wanted to be the hero in the end.. you ask me why do I have a tattoo of darth Vader on my leg I tell you he represents a person who overcame adversity and in the end he chose the right, he made it. now most people might thing that's kind of dumb or a stretch to come to that conclusion but in 1983 I was 14 and looking for something or someone to look up to and the story of Vader at the time always stuck with me ever since. and I really wanted to have the force.( I am still working on it) I have always liked the good vs. evil thing. as silly as it seems I have always related to him, it seems in life we to have to sometimes make decisions between doing good or evil. in many ways I have tried to live my life with the goal of always trying to do what right in the end. so I can relate to his fictional life in many ways.

Thanks guest blogger Tom. :)