Friday, March 27, 2009

Nothing like a volcano in the neighborhood

This is your basic primer for the Kenai Peninsula...selected as
one of THE 1,000 places to see before you die. For you land-locked
state lovers, a peninsula is a piece of land that is surrounded
by water on three sides of its mass.

We are from Soldotna, the King Salmon Capital of the World.
It is less than 50 miles as the crow flies flies from the
currently erupting Mt. Redoubt.

I grew up with Redoubt. The new elementary school
(still referred in my mind as the "new" school, which
was finished in the 6th grade) is named for it.

Many streets in "Slowtown" which run east/west
have Redoubt at the end of the west street.
You can it see all over town.

I love that mountain.
It is strangely home to me.
I bet that all the people reading this
right now who are from the Peninsula
know what I mean.

Imagine my surprise when last summer at an art festival
here in KC, I found this photograph above of it.
(the end of the North Road for you locals). I cried. I was so happy
because sometimes a girl gets homesick for home.
Here is Redoubt this week.