Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Wanna take a field trip? How about the ER...again

Just to prove that what you are about to see is TOTALLY true, I have snapped a photo of ONE of my medical visits just today. I have been to the Emergency Room THREE times since Friday so I know a thing or two about ERs. There are common threads you will find:

coughing kids with runny noses
old women who aren't wearing bras
some sort of bleeding
bed head hair

Having spent as many hours in the ERs of the world
(Hong Kong,Portugal, America...) I have see a lot of....

shall we say, "unexpected" things. There was the

doctor in Portugal that looked like she just stepped out

of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. There is the doctor

in Hong Kong who felt me up when I was treated for

my heart attack, just for fun.

But this...this magazine was the tops.

Backyard Poultry...featured story: The Naked Neck Chickens.
Say it out loud: Naked Neck Chickens.

However, not to be outdone....the Missouri magazine
added their own Poultry centerfold, but sadly, had
feathered necks. Just no comparison.

I couldn't believe my luck. I thought you should know the
secret to happiness: healthy chickens.

Perhaps I should be channeling my volunteer hours
towards something that really matters....

Last but not least,
I was raised sledding. Sledding at home,
sledding at school. I know sledding.
But I have to say, I do not know
sledding your pet chicken.