Sunday, March 8, 2009

Wanna take a field trip? How about some bull riding pictures...

Thanks to my beautiful and hilarious guest blogger: The Girl. We did learn a lot about the cowboy subculture Saturday night. Everything she said was true....especially about the only three females there without jean material on (me, the large lady and the four year old). I was surprised that I was so out of place...being the fashion plate I am and all. :)

I learned that bull riding has been a "sport" since the late 1800's. It is a very "red-blooded" American activity, which coincidently, the reigning PBR world champion is from Brasil.

Here is a bull we saw on the street getting hauled to his hotel for the evening. They seemed awfully cranky, as a species as a whole.

Here are the border patrollers. I can't figure out WHY they were in Missouri. There are two things Missouri doesn't have: true seafood and international borders. Were they recruiting among the rednecks-- I guess. Those were big guns cases in the black case you see here.

Besides the fact we were using purses INSTEAD of our breast/bra as a clutch, besides that I wore all cotton, besides we didn't have cowboy hats, besides we were legal citizens with authentic USA drivers licenses (well, two of the three of us have driver's licences), it is true we didn't have any chewing tobacco with us. My mom and the girl had to fake it...