Monday, March 2, 2009

Bob the Builder Award: Cuss Free McKay Hatch

Speaking of good Mormon boys not cussing...

This 15 year old Mormon kid is getting a lot of public face time. Cuss-free face time. No Cuss Week (which happens to be this week--so aptly pointed out by my children to me), no cussing school zones, and 30 no cussing chapters around the world. The county of Los Angeles has even jumped on board. No cussing in Los Angeles...this I would pay a couple bucks to see.

"$#$%##! L.A. County tries for cuss-free week. Pay no attention to that eerie silence in the nation's most populous county this week; it will simply be the sound of 10 million people not cussing. "

Check out his G rated web site:

If you have a cussing problem you need to curb, he suggests you try "Oh pickles" or "Sassafrass!" I try to use "holy hannah" but apparently not enough since my kids have reminded me again about no cuss week. :)