Tuesday, January 27, 2009

And in the left lane representing ALL of Womandom...

Today is the day. The day that comes around every year at this time....the annual Cub Scout Pine Weed Derby race. No, I am not a cub scout, but I am a mother of a former cub scout so it still counts now. In 2006, when the Boy was still cubbing, I heard rumor that no mother had ever entered the "Open Class" race time in our congration. I don't know if that is true, but it has been for the last couple years. Open Class seems to be for the fathers who are still trying to get that win they missed when they were boys. When I saw all the energy and smack talking that came along, I felt it a shame that half the Earth's population did not have an entry.

So I joined in...with my own self-restrictive requirements. Number One: I would leave the pine wood in the shape in came in the box. Retangular and unsanded. Two: Had to have a theme. Three: It had to be something that you would never generally see on a Pine Wood Derby Car. Four: The Girlier the better. :) Five: The most important piece....Beat one man, hopefully Tom and his car. At least once.

For those who are reading this that have female parts, these are your representatives:

The First Entry: 2006 Olympic Luging Chicken.
Pink underbelly. Beat Tom's Camaro. True, it (the camaro) only had three wheels (it lost one somewhere along the way that night) but I still beat him.
2007: Miss Pinewood Derby Float
Pink, Pink and more pink. I had a year to think about it and this was my creation. Glitter, pink fur, pink lips, sequins and a sash. She lost most of her races to the Tom mobile, but she did win one. She had struggles when she would get to the end of the track because she would smash her head into the sign at the end of the run.
2008: Star Wars Double Decker Love Van
This was made in honor of Tom and his new tattoos of Star Wars. It is two pine wood derby blocks together, with 1960's glittery girly stickers ALL over it. I was out of town when it ran, but I heard the race over the cell phone. It did beat Tom one time so Matt told me.
Notice who is driving....Princesses Amidala and Leia.

2009: (Official Unveiling) The Monk Mobile
In honor of Chinese New Year and Matt's great Mary Kay 1956/1957 pink Cadillac ceramic find at the thrift store. Pink base, pink glittery tires, and a girly hood ornament. The words on the each side are the Four Noble Truths of Buddahism. The back has "Jesus is my co-pilot" (of course) and a Buddah driving. He has a storm trooper body guard because you need protection in these troubled times.
We run tonight. I will let you know how we do. :)