Sunday, January 18, 2009

Wanna come?

Because of a turn of events of not my own design, we are able to pull it together to go to Ireland for 11 days as a family in June. I want to believe that there are number of good reasons this has come to pass. Good chi coming our way, my Tibetian yard prayer flags are finally kicking in, or that maybe Heavenly Father is showing some tender mercies to us. It has been a long two years, and perhaps a little trip to meet the dreams of three of us (Matt didn't have a dream--except we actually found a country he HASN'T been to!)is just what the doctor ordered. Seth has always wanted to see a castle, Aubrey has always wanted to go to Europe, and I have wanted to visit an ancestrial homeland overseas...
and of course take pictures.
The tickets are bought so there is no turning back now.
Wanna come along? :)
January 17th gratitude: tax returns to help pay for a trip.