Thursday, January 1, 2009

Will you ride with me?

I heard about a friend of mine accompanying another friend to go pick up an important document recently. I have thought a lot about it since I heard he went, which is really a compliment to him in regards of friendship. There is no name or phrase we use for those caliber of friends that we ask to go with us when we have something hard to do. But it is precious.

I have been the friend who has been asked to go along, and I have been the friend that has asked for the company. I recollect those moments because they were powerful either way.

One ride, I went with my father who had to find a wife of a family friend to tell her that her spouse had passed away in another town. He flagged her down on the street and she pulled over. She smiled cheerily "Hi Joe!" and then my father told her husband had died. She screamed and pounded my dad's chest.

One ride, I went to a funeral home to help pick out a casket and watched one of my best friends sign his own death certificate.

One ride, when I had my heart attack in China, two friends from the tour group rode with me to the hospital in Hong Kong. The paramedic told me I had bad chi because we had traveled in May, but to compensate I had "nice legs." Those friends stayed with me all night in the chinese hospital (even without their Diet Mt. Dew) because I was afraid if I were left alone, my organs would be harvested and sold in Malaysia.

One ride, I went with a cousin to take pictures of a still born baby and deliver them to the baby's mother.

One ride led to "Temple Chaser" Inc.

One ride, I went with Matt to meet a bail bonds man. :)