Thursday, January 29, 2009

Good thing we aren't meeting the Queen

Preparing for the trip to Great Britain has begun. Passport forms are on the table, multiple SD photo cards have been purchased, and today we began our quest for the wardrobe we will be taking. A whole new "crappy" one as the Girl said today.

When I went to China, I learned from others that when you are under weight restrictions and bag number, it was best to take old clothes and ditch them throughout your trip. I will be gone for 23 days, and that will be a lot of dirty clothes to haul around. So I won't. I took all thrift clothes with me to both Asia and Europe, and left them after I was done with them, nicely folded on the hotel beds when we checked out. I had plenty of souvenir room by the time I was done. This trip will be no different. No worries. I bring home my under ware and socks....socks are too valuable to ditch.

We have figured out most of the itinerary. We will be going to Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and dip into England to see the wall the Romans built. I will stay on to go to Birmingham for my Rotary work, and the family will return home. Since we are traveling so much in that first two weeks, I felt it was best to drag along a lot of clothes so that we don't have to worry about laundry. So I hauled the kids to the thrift store today, and boy, did we find some winners. :)

These top three are for Seth to wear in their respective countries. I liked the Pedro shirt because apparently if I vote for him, ALL my wildest
dreams will come true. That will be a great day!

I am sure that the Queen would rip this RIGHT off of the Girl and
keep it for herself if she saw this. I think she liked this shirt because we have
warm fuzzy memories of flying bread that we shared with Snarky Belle
on a road trip some years back. Matt will be thrilled the day she wears this, I am sure.
This tickeled us since we are Alaska girls. I moose you, too!

Apparently the Girl has decided that this shirt will not be left for some maid in Scotland. She was so excited about this that she said it might be too good to make the trip.
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Wednesday gratitude: chocolate covered strawberries
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