Monday, January 5, 2009


Along with my long memory of things that have bothered me, I can remember the good things that have embraced me.

When I was living as a full time missionary for the Mormon Church, I would write down everything I was grateful for because there was so much other that was difficult. My list mainly included: hot water and mail. If you have ever been a missionary in a foreign country, you know what I mean. :)

Ten years ago, a great woman who I admire much, Reha, gave me a blank journal. This was before journaling was so trendy or easy to find such blank books. I loved using that thing. It took me back to my missionary days (My last entry is Nov 05, so it seems when life got hard a few years ago, I forgot to remember the simple things that brought me joy)

I would only write about the things I was grateful for. I have so many, that I had to write them down (guess the memory isn't that great!) Funny what is in there. I still keep the journal in my "white cubby" in the kitchen. Sometimes I look at, amazed at how simply I am brought happiness. Here are some examples:

free long distance
a clean yard
tanning bed warmth
birds singing
PTA ending so well
good friends who listen to me cry
the housecoat
John I. baptism
Natalie A.
more free long distance
no medical bills (obviously that was a LONG time ago! :) )

Yesterday, Lori wrote me an email and asked me to record one thing I was grateful for every day this year. Wow, that is a long list. So I started it.

Jan 1--sleeping in as late as I want
Jan 2--a no Nexavar week
Jan 3--great friends who attend rec hockey games of a kid that isn't theirs
Jan 4--I will always be Seth's mom
Jan 5--mornings to putter around

What I decided is that it is hard to complain if words of gratitude are coming out of my mouth instead.