Friday, January 30, 2009

My Friday night date with Tony

So Matt went to our marriage enrichment class tonight with another woman because I am not feeling well, whose husband is out of town. Nothing like having a spare wife laying around....just kidding!

We have a secret.

NOT only do I live with Matty, the Boy, the male dog, the two male (Smoke, and the other one formally known as the girl Athena) cats, but there is another prominent male figure in the family.

You haven't seen him at my dinner table. He hasn't been to church with us, nor is he going on the family trip. He doesn't do parent/teacher conferences or is found in our family Christmas card. He is too busy, driving around in circles nine months of the year to hang out with us. But we know where he is most Sundays, and we know what he usually is feeling about his job that particular day.

The mystery man is this fuzzy fella--Tony Stewart, a NASCAR driver. He has been an unofficial member of the family for two years. There are more pictures of him in our home than any other faces on the planet. For Heaven's sake, our cat is named for Tony's nickname --Smoke. Aubrey adores him.

Let me illustrate how powerful he really is. For the first time in our lives, we are watching QVC right this minute. A show called For Race Fans Only. We are watching Tony on TV talking about tiny, expensive model cars and his change to the shade of red for the car. Aubrey got off the computer on her own just to watch. Now that is power. She looks like she is almost ready to cry because he has a Burger King "Crown Card" which there are only 50 in the world. The last one to get one is P Diddy, over a year ago.

Follow him this year. He is quite a character. Seems like he is a good fit to the family.