Tuesday, January 6, 2009

God is my Co-Pilot

Found this little friend in the Sam's Club parking lot during the holidays. :) Brought back some memories that is for sure. ( And let me say for the record, that carrying a small camera everyday in my purse is one of the greatest ideas EVER for me. Thank you for sharing it Cheryl. :))

I first heard this saying when I was a young missionary, relocated from Alaska to Alabama in July. Translation: it was hotter than Hades itself and there was waaaaaaaaay more Bible thumping going on there in the Bible Belt than you would find in Hell.

People in Alaska don't have license plates like this. Their bumper materials included "Alaska Girls Kick A**" and "I grew marajana in my 10th grade English class with Mrs. Moore." Well, maybe that last one isn't a bumper sticker, but I know a few kids back then (Greg F.) who could easily have one on their small, rusty Datsun B210s.

I didn't know God was my co-pilot until I summered that year in Athens. I rode a bike with my missionary companions, so sadly, we did not have one on our car. Or our bikes.

I have thought about this saying over the years and this is what I have figured out for me. God really isn't my co-pilot. Because of my humble, frail, I-am-really-out-of-control-in-this-universe place as a regular old human being, as opposed to being Batman or someone fear-conquering like that, I have come to learn that God is not best suited as my co-pilot. Too much wasted talent to be the second in control, or "Number One" as Captain Picard would say.

I think God's talents are much better put to use as THE Pilot.

There is a reason I liked this picture above. I like how even with God in control, or as the co-pilot, the plate isn't perfect. Look closely. It is bumped, scratched, bent out of shape, mental torn, and even getting rusty with age.

Life seems to be that way as well. I feel like that plate is a good representation of our life here on Earth. We get our bumps, scratches, bent out of shape, precious pieces torn, and even feel a little rusty with age.

Good thing we have the right guy piloting the boat. :)