Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A tag game

I don't know much about "tag" games in the blogging world, so I read this on Cheryl's and thought I would try it out. Just for fun.

This one, you first take the fourth picture from your fourth picture file. This is Tom, in his more healthier days. Ironic, but Cheryl's are of his insides, so now you get the full big picture. I guess you could print them off and put them together. :) By the way, this was taken at Popperville a few summers ago with his potato gun, Spudzooka. The tank top was a joke. He and Matt tried it on and all I can say is too bad the game doesn't call for another picture from the files. They were truly a site to behold. :)

The second part of the tag is to Google my name and the word needs after: "Val needs". I write the first ten phrases it returns to me. Here goes:

1. Val needs to get over whatever her problem is and have fun with Vic. It is true. Vic and I just don't get out much anymore. If I could just got over my problem with him.....

2. Val needs a little help for Ella. Stella! Stellllaaaa! Opps, I mean Ellllaaa!

3. Val needs modern commercial broilers. Who doesn't?

4. Val needs her fix. If I had modern commercial broilers, I think I would get my fix.

5. Val needs a retreat. To Ireland, perhaps?

6. Val needs immunity in broilers. Obviously, I have serious broiler issues. Perhaps I need an intervention.

7. Val needs a win. Nah, I play because the game is called "Let's Be Friends."

8. Val needs to redirect to dopage. Is dopage the same as the pot growing in your 10th grade English class? If so, maybe it isn't such a bad redirection. :)

9. Val needs to focus. Now this could be mostly true.

10. Val needs numbers. Yep, on green sheets of fiberous paper with presidential pictures of Ben Franklin....