Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Bob the Builder Award: Super Strong Hayley Rinehart

Hayley is one of four daughters born to some terrible parents named Danial and Linda Rinehart. Not only did these four daughters live most of their lives in a camp trailer, traveling place to place to avoid detection of their terrible parenting, but Daniel has molested one daughter since the age of 13 who has born 4 of his own grandchildren. Mother Linda helped deliver them. Three have died, and the living son, age 3, has lived his entire life hidden in the camp trailer parked on a family homestead.

Until now.

Hayley ran away a few days ago and when she arrived at the Wal-Mart in Harrisonville, MO the first thing she did was called the police and told them their sisterly story.

Danial and Linda are now in custody, and the girls have been safely put in safe environments/safe houses. Even though the father said he would kill anyone who told their story, Hayley said she could no longer watch what was happening to her sister. There is a scripture that says there is one that stays closer than a brother. It is true. It is a sister. Named Hayley.