Wednesday, January 28, 2009

And the winner is...


Last night brought some sweet rewards for the girls with pink pine wood derby cars. I naturally wore my pinkest socks and sweater so that if by chance I beat boys, they would have to always think..."I lost to a girl in a pink sweater."

And they are surely thinking that today. The Monk Mobile got it done. Our happy buddah (which many kids didn't know what a buddah was so it was my opportunity to educate--hooray for world peace and understanding!)was a gracious winner. I did lose twice by a hair--to the same 9 year old girl. :)

I have waited four years to beat Jack, which with his hammer head car, I surprisingly did. Tom's new car was a disappointment (maybe you should bring the championship Camaro out of retirement), and Dave's Shark was too light. I beat nameless other cub boys, and none of them asked for a rematch. Too much pink in their diet last night, I guess.

You ladies are welcome. Me and the monk were happy to do it. :)