Sunday, January 25, 2009

The View from the Back Seat

We took a family day road trip yesterday from Kansas City to Omaha, Nebraska. I gave up the front seat of the car to Tom, because I have always given the front seat to the taller person...even if it is only an inch or two. It was about 350 miles round trip, making for a long but lovely day.The sunshine was out. The fields were resting quietly. I thought I would document our journey with some photographs so you too can feel like you took a wintery trip to Omaha with me in the back seat.

Even with three of us snuggled closely in the back, this is frost that was on the INSIDE of the car. Hello, Matty, could you turn on some heat? :)
This is a crowning ornament on the top of the religious building we worshipped in. For those of you who are not familiar with Mormonism, this is the Angel Moroni on top of what is called a temple. This temple is known as the Winter Quarters Temple, after the original LDS pioneers who wintered here in 1846.

Some of our car ride fun included "Watch Matt try to stay awake while he is driving," "Pass me the fudge stripe Keeblers--not the peanut buttery salmonella ones", and "Guess what song I picked for you on the IPOD." Here is lotion the Girl was slathering up with.

This was located in the booming metropolis of Hamburg...population was about 37. We wanted to see the "Stoner Drug"store in person and see what kind of treats were REALLY available. To our disappointment, it closed at 3 pm. Apparently traffic is quite a bugger there to maneuver (NOT!) and the owner wants to get home before dark. There were some really great buildings there I will say in all seriousness. Those Germans know their architecture.

I took about one million shots going at the rate of 75-80 mph. This is one I liked. One more game I forgot to mention is "Let's make fun of Val since she doesn't understand any of the words and makes up her own to every song." :) The Girl was REALLY good at this one.
Here is our sunset we got to be a part of last night.
You know, the view from the back seat isn't all that shabby. Hope your enjoyed your trip! :)