Wednesday, February 25, 2009

6th picture of the 6th file

The game is share the sixth picture of the sixth file from your photo files. This is two seasons ago when we had a "malfunction" (water, not wardrobe) in the pond and the whole thing had to be drained. Mr. Fun is doing the de-sludging and I am there as window dressing. Yes, I am stuffed into a garbage bag. I can't remember why. Tom took this with his phone, because of course he was there to assist us (add it to the blog list of yesterday!).

Tom so graciously also reminded me about the reroof, the new plugs, the new bathroom ceiling, ripping the rock out, installing two new ponds, the grass tear up, installing new rock, the flooded sub-basement...:) He estimates our house should be worth double it's value since we have hooked up with him! :)