Monday, February 2, 2009

What does the Smithsonian want from me?

"LOS ANGELES - The Smithsonian Museum wants Aretha Franklin’s Inauguration Day hat.
The Queen of Soul’s big-bowed headgear has become a hot property since the legendary singer wore it to belt out “America the Beautiful” at President Barack Obama’s Jan. 20 inauguration.
The Los Angeles Times reports that the hat’s designer, Luke Song, has been overwhelmed with demand for the $179 item. (Aretha’s custom-made version cost over $500.)"

Hey, Aretha, the Smithsonian called and they want your hat. Of all the memorabilia they could have from any of the events, this is the piece that they want to preserve in the halls of history along with the Nauvoo Temple Sunstone, some space ships, and the Fonz's leather coat (aaaayyy!).

This begs the question: If the Smithsonian called me, what would they potentially want? Not to mark some world political occasion of course, but just some sort of tangible representation from me, plain ole Val. I wandered through the house and came up with some ideas. :)

Of course, I naturally thought of the Olympic Torch first. It the one thing that I think I own that is actually cool and people don't have. Of course I am sure there is one or two for sale on EBAY, but isn't quite the same as actually earning it I guess.

I have done genealogy/family history research since November of 1988. I have a lot of papers and information about the people that I come from. Some of it is pretty neat. I have a great grandmother who assisted in the Revolutionary War and which nominates me for DAR. I have grandparents who ran this Butler Dairy, which I only recently found out are direct decendants from the "powerful" Butler Clan of Kilkenny, Ireland (hence the trip there). I have story after story down in the basement so God forbid we have a freakish house fire.

This is my wood carved fish from a the unofficial pot-smoking mayor of Cooper Landing named Jim. Salmon will always make me think of Alaska and our roots there. Fortunately, some of the Missourians are a little goofy like Alaskans so I get to think of home often.

The last thing I think I would contribute is some of my photographs. It is not like I think I am Ansel Adams because I don't. It is not like they mean much of anything, or will usher in world peace. What I like is they are pretty and make me very happy.

So tell me, what would you give to the Smithsonian?
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Saturday: mellow times with friends
Sunday: a tv that works