Monday, February 16, 2009

Spring Fever--a taste of yard art

I have been inspired by a yard I saw last week in my wanderings,
and have applied to be recognized as a National Wildlife Federation habitat
yard. I think it will motivate me to make sure I keep up outside this summer.

I have spring fever so I have been starting to collect my thoughts
about the yard. I found most of these little bird houses at the $1 section
of the craftstore. They are kind that you paint. Yesterday, as part of our
unofficial "family home evening" activity, we had Tallants for
dinner and painting.

Mr. Fun
painted this pink and purple one.
He has always has
had this freakishly good tole-painting
skill that has skipped me. It is nice
that he could represent the family at a
RS Enrichment tole painting
paint-off if necessary.

The ski chalet was painted by
professional artist, Dave.
Why else do you think we
invited him over? I needed
a fancy house so we could
charge those birds a little more.
It's a real estate investment!

I was feeling good about our stab at
nice yard art, thinking that it was
a fine caliber
and could make the grade.
You know, help create a lovely yard.
The kind you don't forget.

Well, perhaps I didn't buy
the RIGHT kind of yard art.

I forgot that we live in Missouri: home of some
unbelievable yard art. And I mean unbelievable.

By far and away, this

life-size plastic horse

(standing in a boat the Girl says)

and pig

takes the cake. I didn't see those creatures in the $1 section! :)

Is there such a thing as a Certified Plastic Animal Habitat?

I have a nomination!