Saturday, February 14, 2009

Wanna take a field trip? How about the mall...

The United States government does not seem to understand that I needed that $330 we just spent on passports yesterday at the mall post office. That money could buy me some beer I wouldn't drink at an Irish Pub, some U2 trinkets in Dublin, or perhaps let me stand on the top of the castle from the Braveheart movie for a scenic photograph. Oh well. The mall passport outing made for some great fun...of course it did... we had Mr. Fun with us. We had to book his time just like we were some of the powerful executives at his work.

He loved it (not).

A topic of conversation as of late is that my friend Becky's mother, Lynn, who lost her leg last month in a freak auto accident, has renamed her grown children. Becky is Water Buffalo, her sister is Howler Monkey, and brother John is Pink Squid. This of course led to the discussion at our house if one of us was strung out on pain killers, what animals names would describe us.

Here are some answers. Just in case you were wondering.

These are photos taken in the mirrored ceiling (why are there mirrors on the ceiling in the mall? So you can lay down to take a rest and stare at yourself and your new purchases? Creepy) We were loitering because hey, we had nothing better to do (the PO opened late. Mr Fun was thrilled)

The boy won the

"Raccoon" Award.
No, sadly this

photo has not been


Here is Raccoon at the local watering hole.

My mother has always said the Girl has a beautiful neck, so she won the Giraffe award (she does not have the blue long slick tongue to go with it...sorry). Here is Giraffe, enjoying a snack at the "food" court. Actually, this mall is SO lame that it doesn't have a food court so this IS as close a snack as you get. But it has a post office, so in my book it is not a total loss.

Mr. Fun dubbed himself Sir Grizzly. When his hair grows out, it doesn't get long. It gets fat and furry, like a bear hide in winter. Here he is, enjoying his interpretive lounging bear grotto. His employers would be very proud to see his good use of time on a late Friday morning.

To be honest, the family was afraid to dub me any animal since I control the laundry and food. One nomination was a parrot since they can cuss. :) Another was ostrich because Dave painted a picture of one that is on loan to us. It has poky hair and it's mouth is always open. Although I resemble that remark, it was decided that I am like a horse because I eat weird things like alfalfa sprouts, flax seed and have galloping evidenced here. :) I kept the mall in the shot so you could enjoy its beauty and wonder.
Good thing my brother is a wildlife biologist so he could treat us
if we had illness...or put us down if necessary. Nature can be cruel. :)

What animal would you dub yourself?