Tuesday, February 24, 2009

That Guy: Tom (insert deep voice here)

Tom is very different than me.

For as high as my voice is, his is deep. For as small town I am, he is from the Center of the Universe: San Fransisco. For as trusting and outgoing I am, he is careful and reserved. For as opinionated as I am, he withholds his thoughts unless directly asked. For as healthy as I am, he is surviving Stage Four Terminal Kidney Cancer. A cancer that should have claimed its victory over a year ago. But he lives on...it is just how he is wired.

Tom was one of the first people we met when we moved here and we have enjoyed him ever since. He has been a godsend to our family. One of our most treasured blessings for all time.
He is one of "those guys" you call when your heater goes out, you need new China for dinner, windows insulated, basements flooded, brush thrown out at Popper Holler, painting in the family room, tools to be bought, cars to be fixed, games to be played, Jack Bauer to be watched, Star Wars to be enjoyed, Oklahoma women to woo, scouts to be driven, coloring to be colored, eat too much Burger King giant burgers, drop your trousers for a kilt, music parties to be listened to, Burnt Sienna crayons to break, tattoos to be gotten, NASCAR to be NASCARed, rides to be given (James, take me to the WalMart please), bowling to be bowled, figures to be rubber-banded, when you need a fake dad, potato guns to be shot, fun presents to be received, sledding in the dark, Camaro to be cruised, world records to be broken, tips from the Man Manual, temple worship all together, pine wood derby car to be beaten, strawberry sundaes to enjoy, photo field trips to be taken, teaching Man Skills to Mr Fun, wood for the Popper stove, laundry to be folded, when times are hard, cds need to be burned, and dinners to be eaten.

Don't call him if you have swear words you need to be said. He hasn't said something like that since he was 10 (I however, could possibly assist you if my family isn't around) :)

And don't ask him to remember much without his calendar. His memory isn't all that it used to be.

Tom, we wanted the world to know (at least the 5 people who might read this blog post sometime someday--including our Bobert) that we think the world of you. You are super terrific. Actually, "Hoover Dam" cool says it best. You are the one that taught me about being "That Guy" (of which this blog sub-topic was named after) and I want you to know that you will be remembered as such.
Do you know that I carry my talk for your funeral around in my scriptures? I see it every Sunday, and often I have had to update it because of all that you have and are doing. Someday I will have to give it, but know that no family that you are not related to (unless that DNA testing shows you have Butler blood from Ireland :) ) will ever love you more than the little family over here on ------- Avenue (I know how you paranoid city people feel about giving personal information out!). :)

We are especially most thankful to our God above (and yes, I am believing in Him today) that you are still alive. Keep up the good work, Tommy. :)