Thursday, February 5, 2009

Early Valentine's Day Presents

From Matty:
He called me this morning on his way to work to tell me Red Bandana's name. You know the guy...the one I have been stalking for two and half years (see blog for January 13th). He back to holding the stop sign, and shock of shock, Matt rolled down his window, blocked traffic and asked. Thanks Matty

Wouldn't you know it....he goes by "Chipper" because he is so cheery. :)

From Rotary International:
I got an email from the new incoming president of Rotary International next year and he asked me to serve on the international RYLA committee again. This is a big compliment to me as a Rotarian and a young female--err, Dave would say I am not so young but compared to the average Rotarian age of 58 and white male, I am young. The international meeting will be in Montreal in 2010. I am planning to say yes. :)

Tuesday--Driving Miss Daisy has come to an end
Wednesday--Rotary letter
Thursday--certifing as a merit badge counselor to promote world peace