Sunday, February 8, 2009

For football fans

I grew up with my mother folding laundry on Sunday afternoons, watching football and saying "I have been a Broncos fan even when the Girl Scouts can beat them." I, however, am not only not a Broncos fan, but I am not a football fan of any kind. Since I have become a mother, we don't watch football --just no interest here.

I know the Superbowl was last week (didn't watch it) and so many of you may be sad that your Sunday pasttime is on vacation. I have a NASCAR girl and fortunately she has Christmas and the holiday season to fill her time while their sport (is NASCAR a sport?) is on break. She would be very cranky otherwise without those distractions.

I got this link from Rotary Dave (30 years Air Force) and it almost made me cry. The note attached made a comment about the airpower of the United States...and it is true. Here is to Scott O. and all the other airmen who get it done. We event planners LOVE it when it executes perfectly!