Monday, February 2, 2009

Just 10 easy little steps--who knew? :)

First, I have a new map over there on the right. It shows the hits from the day before. If you click the black words of visitors and places it shows a whole list of different places. I like it. My new way of stalking you! :)
But for the real words today. I recently read an article about the 10 simple steps on how to be happy. Scientists have figured it out. Who knew that happiness could be scientifically figured out? No offense to scientists, but they don't seem like the cheeriest bunch for knowing the secrets but then maybe being happy and cheery are two different matters.

In case you aren't happy and want to be, here are the answers. I believe these are in no particular order, but I will share them as they were listed:

1. Be the center of your network. I am feeling like the center of the network I am in because I do the laundry and cook the dinner. I am the most popular person in the house.

2. Surround yourself with people you like/who like you. I have been around people that didn't like me. I didn't feel too happy.

3. Watch less TV. Watching tv has always sort of been like a little treat for me. With Jay Leno leaving the Tonight Show and taking Headlines on Monday nights with him, that will save me at leat 20 minutes a week. easy to cut back.

4. Be active. Does driving count? Driving would make me happy. Verrrrrrry happy.

5. Manage your time. Sleep in until I am not sleepy. That sounds like a good start. :)

6. Find coping skills. Dark chocolate, won ton soup, and a telephone. Skills coped.

7. Set and pursue goals. Did I mention I have a goal to drive? Go to Africa, win the Nobel Peace Prize, drive, and cure the boy who is in full flare up again. Did I mention I have a goal to drive?

8. Don't think too much. Oh, I like these scientists!

9. Practice Gratitude. Speaking of gratitude, Monday gratitude is a cheap way to enlarge my photographs--$6 at Sam's Club. If I have gratitude, am I still only practicing?

10. Experiment with being happy. Good luck. If it doesn't work out, see #6 and you will feel much better! :)