Monday, February 9, 2009

Wanna take a field trip? Let's go to the City...

Kansas City on a lovely February Day

Perhaps a future vacation home? :)

This is perhaps the coolest van I have ever seen! I was saying to
Matty, "I wish I could see who drives a Captain America Van." I
imagined a long hair, young, blond skinny guy with a flannel shirt

and some hiking boots. Perhaps with a German Shepherd puppy...

Look at the lucky break I got...the van man.
I was right about the flannel. Little off on the young, skinny part.

Another photo from the car. I like how the church is clear
but the tree is fuzzy. Love the red doors.

One closing shot before we headed home. These towers reminded
me of the towers from the Star Wars Jedi Temple. Can you say,
"Valsy, you need to get out more if you know
that." No kidding.