Monday, February 9, 2009

Bob the Builder Award: Lingerie??? and Task Brasil

Don't be afraid to read this. :) No pictures of lingerie will appear and it is still G-rated.

I guess I like this because it is not up to me to decide that the way someone choses to help another. Service is service is service.

Evangeline Lilly of "Lost" has a new lingerie line that will benefit Task Brasil. In case you weren't aware, Brasil has a terrible problem with abandoned street children. You can read all about it at

And I quote: "I'm offering beautiful Brazilian-made lingerie as a fun and enticing way for you to not only invest in yourself, but in the poor and abandoned children of Brazil." This isn't a sentence I would imagine I would read anytime, but I am guessing the abandoned children of Brazil could care less what Evangeline was selling to help them.

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