Saturday, February 14, 2009

It's all about the LOVE

I love lots of strange things. Here are some of them:
(Note: I don't know why this is all underlined. Blogging ignorance.) I love living in Missouri. No, really. This is two years ago when we
were waiting to hide in the basement from a tornado.
Strange I am smiling so nicely since our stuff might get blown
away. Seth is ready. Hockey helmet anyone?
I love to see a good family picture. Any family. I love that we
had severals versions to choose from this Christmas. I will
blog that another day. It is funny.
Honestly, I love that I am retired Friar Val. I never owned
the robe though. Thanks Brian and Genie for the chance.

I love to meet strange people who have a story. This is
some dancing guy I met in Copenhagen.

I love the sun in the sky, in morning or evening. I cannot
stop from staring at it. Now I am addicted to photographing it.
Don't tell Mr Fun, but I took this while I was driving. Now
you might see why I lost my license in the first place. Someone
yesterday guessed I had a DUI. I can neither confirm or deny. :)

I love photographs with detail. Like Pop Up Video within a picture.

Happy Valentines Day